Why Choose Tundra

Why Choose Tundra?

Five Big Reasons

VALUE – We have been building homes for over 30 years & we are still setting new benchmarks on the level of quality & stunning home designs we offer, all while maintaining  affordable prices. Every  person on our team is committed to providing you the highest level of personal service & making sure you get exactly what you want  in your new home. Stop by our model or call us today to meet our team of knowledgeable individuals. We are ready to help you in all aspects of building your new home; from selecting the right neighborhood, to the right piece of property, to the right floor plan, right down to the perfect finishes in your new home that perfectly match your family’s lifestyle.

ENTHUSIASM - When you meet us you’ll soon realize that we love what we do! SW Florida is where we live, work & play. This is our home & we take pride in  every house we construct. From the initial meeting to completion and warranty work, we go the extra mile to make your experience an enjoyable one. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another builder with more passion about your home and building a relationship with you.

STABILITY - We have been in business right here in SW Florida for over 30 years & we have seen markets come & go. We have been here through the real estate booms and the busts and we are still going strong. Is your builder willing to give you the names of ALL their suppliers, subcontractors and bankers? We will! Check us out with the local Lee Clerk of Court at https://or.leeclerk.org/LandMarkWeb/home/index when you search our name you will see we have never  placed a lien on a subcontractor or homeowner. Another thing you won’t find are any judgments against us for not finishing a job or for installing faulty materials. Checking your builder out with your local Clerk of Court and Chamber is a smart way to find out what’s really going on with their business. Also ask to contact their current major trades, such as Lumber Supplier, HVAC, Electrician & Plumbing Contractor to see how well they pay their bills. We invite you to contact our current & past clients & read our testimonials of happy homeowners. Be prepared for an extensive list, but you'll sleep well knowing you made an excellent decision in choosing the right builder.

REPUTATION - Our past clients recommend us because we are  accessible and responsive. Everyone in our office is pleasant to deal with and we will readily incorporate any changes you wish to make throughout the building process. Our trade sub-contractors enjoy working with us because they are treated with respect and paid bi-weekly; compared to the typical hold of 30 to 90 days for payments from other builders. They know that if a problem arises on one of our jobs they will be notified immediately and they can also count on us visiting our jobs on a regular basis. You can rest assured that we will treat you with the highest levels of respect, honesty, and integrity.

EDUCATION & TECHNOLOGY - We work hard to learn about the latest technology in energy-efficient building practices & products & we are a tech-savvy company. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline our business to make things easier for you. We use online calendars for our trade partners, and a cloud-based program that allows clients to instantly view photos & videos of their home under construction. In addition, clients have the ability to approve documents & change orders online. At Tundra Homes we anticipate and embrace changes from the ever-updating world of technology. We love to learn new things through regularly attending builders' trade shows, meeting with trades about new products, and researching innovative products for new builds. You will feel confident that you are getting the best features & products for your home at an affordable price.

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