Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Floor Plans 1,600 to 2,200 Square Feet
Miranda Elevation
Living Area: 2,055
Total Area: 3,126
Floor Plans 2,200 to 2,600 Square Feet
Verano Elevation
Living Area: 2,307
Total Area: 3,518
Verano Elevation
Verano II
Living Area: 2,417
Total Area: 3,888
Seaglass Elevation
Living Area: 2,500
Total Area: 3,982
Peal Elevation
Living Area: 2,379
Total Area: 3,468
Pearl II Elevation
Pearl II
Living Area: 2,501
Total Area: 3,611
Pearl III Elevation
Pearl III
Living Area: 2,520
Total Area: 3,685
Floor Plans 2,600 Square Feet & Up
Costa del Sol Elevation
Costa Del Sol
Living Area: 2,883
Total Area: 4,218
La Palma Elevation
La Palma
Living Area: 2,815
Total Area: 4,187
La Palma II Elevation
La Palma II
Living Area: 2,893
Total Area: 4,292
La Palma Estate front elevation drawing
La Palma Estate
Living Area: 2,918
Total Area: 4,424
Tortuga Elevation
Living Area: 2,962
Total Area: 4,271
Tortuga IV Elevation
Tortuga II
Living Area: 3,042
Total Area: 4,434
Tortuga II Elevation
Tortuga Estate
Living Area: 3,379
Total Area: 5,355

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